Feeling really good about where things are going in terms of the team and prototyping! In class today, the team discussed the prototype we would be pursuing this week, and we were all in agreement that it would be a  2.5D platformer, with puzzle and action elements. 
Discussion of the main game mechanic lead to the idea of a switching mechanic, where the player would need to switch the mode/stance of the character in order to solve puzzles, combat enemies, and clear obstacles. In implementing this mechanic, the team discussed what form the player character would take in the game. Ideas were put forward such as: 
  • A single character that could morph into different shapes by absorbing enemies, or by picking up special items;
  • A party of characters with different unique abilities, (e.g. The Lost Vikings), that could be represented on screen by a single character at any given moment, (that character being the one with the current selected ability, much like in Trine).
The idea for the player character that was agreed upon, was a duo of characters. A small (human) girl, and her large bulky robot. The idea is that the large robot would have high strength and toughness attributes for dealing with enemies, and crashing through certain obstacles. The little girl, on the other hand, would have speed and agility attributes that would allow her to avoid enemies, and overcome certain "hard-to-reach" obstacles that the robot could never get to. 
The characters would work as a team, with the player controlling both to progress through the game levels. The player will predominantly control the robot within the game, (with the girl either riding on it's back/shoulders, or piloting the robot). However, there would be moments during gameplay when the player must control the girl, having left the robot behind in order to solve puzzles, collect items, or toggle switches in areas otherwise unreachable by the robot. The girl would then be required to return to her robot in order to overcome the next challenge that would inevitably require the robot's skills. 
A support mechanic that was discussed, (which directly correlates to the switching of control from the robot to the girl), was that of the robot throwing/launching the girl into the air, to assist her in reaching hard-to-reach places in the game environment. 
With the fruition of a game concept, the team has commenced with gusto on programming, and concepting for this week's prototype! Concepts to follow soon! 

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