FreeFall Games was honoured to be invited by AIE Sydney to showcase Natz & Boltz at EB Expo 2013 over the weekend. The game was received well by all, especially the kids, who thoroughly enjoyed the art/graphics/animation, as well as the challenging obstacles. We even got some of the parents to play the game, as they didn't find the controls quite as daunting as expected! In one case, we had a dad come back to play the game, not because his son wanted another go, but because he had to have another go himself! Below are some photos of people enjoying the game at the expo:
A few of the FreeFall Games team, who were "manning the fort" on Saturday night, were interviewed by Mark "Klink" Kalinic of From the Mind of Klink. He asked them about the development of the game, as well as what it's like studying at AIE.