The team has been discussing this weeks prototype on Skype over the last few days, beginning on Sunday 23/6/13. Not all were present for the meeting, so further discussion will need to take place tomorrow at college.
The main topic discussed was whether the team wanted to pursue last weeks prototype, and take it further this week, or start on something new, thus giving us more options to choose from for our final game. All that were present for the meetings agreed that a new prototype was the way to go, the only question being, what do we prototype? 
Well, the idea of a Crash Bandicoot style platformer was brought up, (an idea attributed to Dave Sparrow). The theme would be prehistoric/fantasy. The protagonist, (put forward by Dave as well), would be a caveman. I suggested a cavewoman, (possibly carrying a baby/child). Danny Pham strongly suggested NOT having a caveperson as the playable character PERIOD! (Because it's been done before way too often.) Which is true. But then again we need to start somewhere as well. We also discussed the potential game mechanics for the platformer. Some mechanics included: pathfinding; character mode/stance switching; risk and reward; realtime combat; item collection; and powerups. 
No decision was finalised, especially as not all team members were present at the group discussions. As I mentioned before, further discussion, with the whole group, will take place at college tomorrow. Hence, we may not even pursue a platformer for this weeks prototype! Whatever gets decided, it is more than clear that all members of Team FreeFall are quite the enthusiastic and dedicated bunch that will see any idea through to prototype, and beyond!  
Below is a snapshot of Dave Sparrow's Maya mockup for a level in the prehistoric platformer:  
Platformer prototype game level mockup by Dave Sparrow (Maya)
Platformer prototype game level mockup by Dave Sparrow (Maya)

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